Jagged Edge Features 


Individual feature stories below are from the Jagged Edge monthly broadcast. 

Show #1  2019-20

Jagged Edge Cooking Competition

Kelsey and Leah team up against Robby and Anthony for a Jagged Edge cooking competition!


  Kelsey O'Neill, Leah Brokaw, Robby Helling, and Anthony Savignano 

Teddy Bear Toss

Learn more about the teddy bear toss put on by the basketball team.


  Kelsey O'Neill 

Harris & Moxie


Social worker Katie Harris & service dog Moxie are tremendous assets to West. Let's learn about their impact on the West family.


  Jolie Brown 

West Promo

Welcome to Blue Valley West

Home of the JAGUARS!


  Robby Helling 

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