Pizza Pinterest


At Jagged Edge we do love our food.  In today's segment we make unique type of pizza.

Coley Sullivan & Sophia Schmidt


Generation Gap


Teachers and students can sometimes have things in common and other times there's a


Gabriella Aguilar & McKenna Patchen


A "highly trained..?" task force learns the ropes of law enforcement.  Meet the "SSROs".

Dalton Cain & Liam Kelley

Would You Rather...

We ask the age old question to our student body, would you rather...?


Skylar Rosner & Sierra Stahly


March 2017

Makeup Narrative

Applying makeup is not always an easy task.  We turn to a novice to give their interpretation.

Mia Hodges & Aamina Mariam

Lie Witness News


We made up a few stories to see if everyone was paying attention.

Dalton Cain & Sophia Schmidt


Bean Boozled


The new party game that has everyone intrigued.


Gabriella Aguilar & Mia Hodges

All Shook Up

A quick preview of the upcoming performance.

Aamina Mariam & Sierra Stahly 

Admin Snow Day

What REALLY happens on a snow day when administrators go to work...


Liam Kelley & McKenna Patchen


January 2017

Valentine Memories

Teachers share their favorite stories of the past.

Skylar Rosner & Coley Sullivan

Pinterest DIY


Lets see if any of the DIY ideas of of the popular site Pinterest really work.


Gabriella Aguilar & Coley Sullivan


Cooking at the KPS


A fun look at how to make some holiday treats.


Tommy Klaus & Aamina Mariam

Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year.

Sophia Schmidt, McKenna Patchen

& Rebecca Lassen 

Holliday Talk


Before the winter break we see what the students at BVW know about the holidays.


Mia Hodges & Sierra Stahly,


December 2016

Cider Mill Scare

Lets visit the Louisburg Cider Mill maze after dark.

Tommy Klaus & McKenna Paschen


KC at it's Finest


A fun look at the many sights in the Metro area.


Coley Sullivan & Rebecca Lassen

Color Run


Check out the very first Color Run at BVW

Gabriella Aguilar & Sophia Schmidt 

Halloween Aftermath...


Halloween has past.  But what happens after might surprise you.


Mia Hodges, Sierra Stahly,

& Aamina Mariam


November 2016

How To...


Lets take a fun look at how you too can make one of Fall's popular drinks.


Sophia Schmidt & Coley Sullivan


The Water Bottle Flip


A fun look at this new trend at West.  Will you be as successful as these students.


Tommy Klaus & Rebecca Lassen

Pumpkin Decorating


With Halloween just around the corner, we challenge a couple of students to be creative.

Mia Hodges & McKenna Patchen 

HOCO Fails


Asking a date to Homecoming is a difficult task.  See how these students came up with ideas.


Gabriella Aguilar, Sierra Stahly,

& Aamina Mariam


October 2016

September 2016

Hall Talk


Starting off the school year makes you think on your feet.  Let's see how the West students do.


McKenna Patchen & Sophia Schmidt


Guys Attempt Makeup


A fun look at what happens when those with no experience attempt to apply makeup.


Mia Hodges, Rebecca Lassen

& Aamina Mariam

Mock Olympics


The Olympics have just ended.  There are some events that we think got left out.


Sierra Stahly & Coley Sullivan


Pokemon GO


The craze that is Pokemon GO is  sweeping the nation.  Let's see it at West.


Gabriella Aguilar & Tommy Klaus