Hall Talk


David visits with the student body of Blue Valley West. How well does the average student know BVW trivia?


This is where a few of the fun packages from previous years will live. Please enjoy the lighter side of some of our Jagged Edge creations.


I Can Fix That


Tom Stivers to the rescue.

Teacher Translations
We asked the teachers at BVW if they knew the meanings of these everyday phrases.
Don't Be That Guy


How many of these scenario's are you??


Ye Old Translations
In a follow up to Teacher Translations we ask students to translate
old timey teacher phrases.
Impractical Jokers
We recruit a junior and a senior to face of in an Impactical
Jokers style competition.


Take a walk down the red carpet.

Commercial Spoof
A Direct TV style chain reaction has unintended consequences.
What you really look like when you have headphones in
The Fruit Police
A JETV digital short about the serious nature of...fruit??