Fall Semester - Sept/Oct 2016

Oct 2016 Jagged Edge


Welcome to the October LIVE show as we take a look at Homecoming and other Fall activities.!!


  McKenna Patchen & Coley Sullivan - Anchors 

Sept 2016 Jagged Edge


Welcome to the first live show of the new year!!


  McKenna Patchen & Sophia Schmidt - Anchors 

Fall Semester - Nov/Dec 2016

Dec 2016 Jagged Edge


Welcome to the last LIVE show of 2016 as we take a look at the holidays and a special award.


  McKenna Patchen & Sophia Schmidt - Anchors 

Nov 2016 Jagged Edge


Welcome to November, fresh off of Halloween! Let's take look at what is going on in our community.


  Coley Sullivan & Sophia Schmidt - Anchors 

Jan 2017 Jagged Edge


Welcome to 2017, It's a new semester and a slightly new crew with fun and energetic stories.  


  McKenna Patchen & Coley Sullivan - Anchors 

Mar 2017 Jagged Edge


Hard to believe that Spring Break is just around the corner.  Check out what the JAGS have been up to.  


  Gabriella Aguilar & Sierra Stably - Anchors 

First Fridays


 The first Friday of every month is a time when the Crossroads district showcases its many artists & businesses.


Mia Hodges & Aamina Mariam Reporting  

March 2017

Payton Holland

 Let's meet a student photographer and find out the future plans of this young artist.  


Coley Sullivan & Sophia Schmidt Reporting  

Student Resource Officers


We see uniformed officers in school everyday. Let's see how they impact students here at West.

Dalton Cain & Liam Kelley Reporting

Black Student Union


 2016-17 is the first year for the Black Student Union. Let's learn about the new club.

Skylar Rosner & Sierra Stahly Reporting  

Relay for Life 2017


 It's time for this year's Relay for Life.  Let's learn how this event is coordinated throughout the district.


Gabriella Aguilar & McKenna Patchen Reporting 

Crimson Cats


 The Crimson Cats are working hard this season to be the very best at their performances.


Aamina Mariam & Sierra Stahly Reporting  

January 2017

The Lamb

 A wonderful story of a family that showed great kinds to an animal in need.  


Dalton Cain & Sophia Schmidt Reporting  

Freezing Moo


A new ice cream shop has made an impact in our community. Let's see the cool treat in action.

Gabriella Aguilar & Mia Hodges Reporting

Bowling Sisters


 See how 2 sisters have inspired each other to be their very best.

Skylar Rosner & Coley Sullivan Reporting  

Shooting Stars


 A student group looks to raise funds to help raise awareness for suicide prevention.


Liam Kelley & McKenna Patchen Reporting  

December 2016

Gates Award


 A great volleyball honor has come to one of our Blue Valley West students.  


Tommy Klaus, &  Aamina Mariam Reporting  

Holiday diversity at West


Let's take a look at all the great cultures that are represented here at West.

Gabriella Aguilar & Coley Sullivan Reporting

Park Place Ice Rink


 If you're looking for some holiday fun and exercise let's go ice skating.

Mia Hodges & Sierra Stahly Reporting  

Paintball Club


 Meet one of the foreign exchange students visiting West this year.


McKenna Patchen, Rebecca Lassen,

 & Sophia Schmidt Reporting  

November 2016



 Another new restaurant has opened in the area.  Let's take a look at the BRGR 


Rebecca Lassen & Rebecca Lassen Reporting




Learn a little more about the dedication and craft of the cheer team.


Gabriella Aguilar & Sophia Schmidt Reporting

The Crucible


 A closer look at the upcoming performance by the theater department.

Mia Hodges, Sierra Stahly

& Aamina Mariam  Reporting  



 There is all sorts of construction going on across from West.  We talk to the developers to find out what's in store for the area.


Tommy Klaus & McKenna Patchen Reporting  

October 2016

Planning for Homecoming


 Students in JPCo put in much effort to plan another great Homecoming. 


Gabriella Aguilar, Sierra Stahly, & 

Aamina Mariam Reporting  

Hoops for Hope


Learn a little more about what this great organization does to help fight kid cancer.


Mia Hodges & McKenna Patchen Reporting

Jump Dog Show


 An exclusive story from the Kansas State Fair showing of the great attractions.

Tommy Klaus & Rebecca Lassen Reporting  

Bianca Amici


 Meet one of the foreign exchange students visiting West this year.


Sophia Schmidt & Coley Sullivan Reporting  

September 2016

The Grind


 The Grind Cycle & Fitness is a new gym with some

special twists. 


Mckenna Patchen & Sophia Schmidt Reporting  

Ostreicher Forum


 A story following up on the Ostreicher Forum

and the changes being made

Tommy Klaus & Gabriella Aguilar Reporting  

Wax Crumbles


A company owned by a 20 year old and a

whole lot of colorful wax.


Coley Sullivan & Sierra Stahly Reporting

Decadent Review


 A new desert shop in Prarie Fire offering delicious

treats and costly options. 


Mia Hodges, Rebecca Lassen, & Aamina Mariam Reporting