2014-15 Archives



Select stories archived from past JETV productions.
Louisburg Cider Mill


Fall is quickly approaching. One of everyone's favorite Fall pastimes is drinking cider. In Kansas we have the privilege of enjoying one of the nation's largest cider mills. We show you how this delicious drink is made.


Rost Redemption


If you ever get dunked on, it's not the best feeling. One of our very own staff members has that experience. Watch as Mr. Rost finds a way for his own type of redemption.


Delaney Brewer


We focus on one of the many talented students here at BVW.  Delaney Brewer showcases her artistic skills and inspirations.


Sr. vs Sr.


In this month's edition of West Vs. we thought it would be fun to pit seniors against each other.




A club that offers positivity to all students strives to make BVW the best it can possibly be.

Beauty and the Beast


Take a look at a unique perspective as to what goes on behind the scenes to create a great production.

Office Parody


Working in any office can have its challenges. Take a look at this "Office" parody of our own Blue Valley West office staff.

Brittany Gonzales


Let's take a look at the many musical talents of one Brittany Gonzales.

Teacher Impressions


Sometimes we like to have a little fun with our staff members. Thanks to the teachers for being good sports while students do their best impressions. 

Car Talk


David decides to go and chat with some unexpecting students as they leave for home after a long school day.

Songwriting Club


Another fabulous club is beginning to take shape here at BVW. The songwriting club is a great avenue for students to share a common passion.

Apps in Real Life


We wondered what it would be like if some of the most popular apps were able to occur in everyday situations.  Let's see what happens.