We are the Blue Valley West broadcasting team. A group of students that want to increase their knowledge and video production techniques in the world of broadcasting.

2019-20 Jagged Edge Crew

Mr. Kurimsky
   JETV Adviser

Mr. K has been the Broadcast Adviser at BVW since the 2010-2011 school year.  Mr. K received his undergraduate degree from Wichita State University in 1994 (Go SHOX) and his master's degree from Baker University in 2012.  He also serves as the sophomore boys basketball coach at West.

Leah Brokaw
    JETV Crew Member

Leah Brokaw is a senior at Blue Valley West and has had a camera in her hands since she was 10 years old. When she was younger, she loved making short films to show her family and friends. Leah hopes to continue broadcasting throughout college. 

Jolie Brown
    JETV Crew Member
Linsey Cramer
    JETV Crew Member

Jolie is a Junior at BVW. Shes apart of JPCo, plays club volleyball for Dynasty, works at Sonic, and LOVES anything related to movies, tv, and the filmmaking process. In her future she hopes to major in film production and then continue later to become a film producer.

Linsey is a junior at BVW. She cheers for the school, plays soccer outside of school, and works 3 jobs. She loves watching horror movies, and doing anything involving editing videos and pictures. In her future she’d like to go to KU or CSU, and become an OBGYN.

Logan Callender
    JETV Crew Member
Hayley Ford
    JETV Crew Member

Logan is a junior at BVW. Outside of school he likes to play baseball, watch football, and take photos outside. Logan works at Freddy’s and loves creating videos for BVW. After high school, Logan wants to go to Ohio State to become a videographer or sports broadcaster.

Hayley Ford is a senior at BVW. She is involved in theater, colorguard, NAHS, NEHS, Jagged edge and physics club at West, as well as volunteering at her church. She loves film and the creative process behind it in the editing stages, and the performance aspect while in front of the camera. She is excited for her senior year and hopes to start her journey in becoming an architect in the near future.

Alec Duarte
    JETV Crew Member
Charlie Hjortshoj
    JETV Crew Member

Alec is a senior at BVW. He enjoys hanging out with friends and movies. He loves the creation process of movies and tv shows and is particularly interested in their stories. He hopes to create a show of his own later on in life.

Charlie is a fun loving junior at BVW. A typical day for Charlie consists of dragging through school to get home and play games with his friends. He participates in BVW Marching Band and now in JETV. After high school Charlie hopes to pursue his music career.

Kelsey O'Neill
    JETV Crew Member
Arianna Prewitt
    JETV Crew Member

Kelsey O’Neill is a senior at BVW. She is on the dance team, in various clubs, and has loved filming and editing videos for many years. Kelsey hopes to attend the University of Arkansas next year to study social work.

Arianna Prewitt is a junior at Blue Valley West. She is very involved with the tennis team and also jagged edge. She enjoys filming all the time including editing videos. She is very much family orientated and loves to be around friends! 

Anthony Savignano
    JETV Crew Member
David Hudler
    JETV Crew Member

Anthony Savignano is a very outgoing and interesting junior at BVW. He plays on the golf team, and enjoys being in front of the camera on any occasion. He loves filming and editing many different clips. Not to mention, he is very talkative and loves to explore. Curiosity is his number one trait.

David Hudler is a Senior at Blue Valley West. He is involved in student council, media production, the ambassador program, and CAPS filmmaking. He's always had a passion and creative spark for making short films  and YT vids and is strongly interested in cinematography. In the future, David plans to attend a film school and go on to working in the cinema/television industry.

Emily Rupert
    JETV Crew Member
Ashlyn Starkey
    JETV Crew Member

Emily Rupert is a sophomore at Blue Valley West. She is in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the competitive marching band. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends and watching tv shows. She has a passion for editing videos and wants to pursue that in the future.

Ashlyn Starkey is sophomore at Blue Valley West. She is a student ambassador, and a part of various clubs. She is interested in editing photos and videos to document her life.

Erica Schroeder
    JETV Crew Member
Spencer James
    JETV Crew Member

Erica Schroeder is a sophomore at Blue Valley West. She spends her free time watching movies and tv shows and listening to music. Erica has a passion for filming and editing videos. She hopes to pursue a career in film production as a film director.

Spencer James is a senior, and is so excited to be a part of Jagged Edge this year. He is involved in Theatre, Band, Percussion Group, Rho Kappa, NHS, and FCA. Spencer Loves making videos in his free time and being creative with what he has around him. He loves video so much that over the Summer he started a video company that’s helped high profile individuals and organizations in the community thrive through video communication.  He knows this year is different than any other, but is excited to learn new things and create amazing content!

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."


                                                                                                                          -John Wooden

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